Friday, August 26, 2011

Bloomberg Watchlist Tab: Monitor Your Waiting List Easily!

I love using my Bloomberg Portfolios. It is one great feature for the busy Pinoy investing in the local bourse.

One feature of the Bloomberg Portfolios is the Watchlist tab. Here, you can create your list of stocks which you plan to monitor (and buy) once the opportunity you are looking for is available.

Unfortunately I couldn't post the image here, (so check out the Bloomberg feature by going to --> Personal Finance --> Sign in and click Portfolios).

Here, you can type in the list of stocks you want to monitor. Indicate the current price.

It works like the portfolio screen.

Try using it. Bloomberg Portfolios feature has made my regular stocks tracking easier and organized.

If you are new to Bloomberg Portfolio Tracker and you want to know how to create an account, please click here.

PS Today - Luckily I was able to edit this post. So voila! Here's the screenshot above!

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  1. Nice post mommy Krissy! Let share more tools to all persons who wanted to learn stock investing specially in the Philippines. Me and my beloved krissy can so you can too.... Invest in the Philippines :)

  2. Hi Krissy! My sister, Rocelyn, pointed me to your blog and I am glad to read this because this really is very helpful in tracking my stock picks, realized gains/losses as well as managing my current portfolio. I do have a bloomberg account but it is just today that I explored it based on your blog. Keep it up. Two thumbs up for this blog. Invest in the Philippines! :)

  3. Hi Anonymous/Rocelyn's sister! thanks so much ^^
    Yeap the bloomberg portfolio tracker is really helpful for me ^^
    Yeah! invest in the Philippines! Please send my regards to Rocelyn and keep reading ^^ God bless!

  4. Hi Krissy, thank you for the hard work in updating your blog. It really helps. Investment and reaching out to others are also my passion. I hope to contribute in the near future. I am currently attending on an important task before I proceed with contributing to Tahanan ng Pagmamahal. I was really looking for a group where I can share the same interest... Buddy, Rocelyn's brother.

  5. Hi Buddy!
    Sorry! Thanks so much for reading the blog. It's good to know that we find people whom we can share our interests with. ^^
    We have a mini group at stock investing thread, drop by and say hi to the people there passionate over investing and sharing blessings.. ^^ God bless and happy investing! ^^

  6. Buddy? ha ha... :P sometimes, I do wonder if this is really my Kuya who's writing the Anonymouns comments. ha ha.. ! :D He once had shared in our Stock Investing thread in KFam, but he forgot his password now. :D Kulitin ko ulit na sumali dun. ha ha..! :P

    - Rocelyn (aka: Lyn-Lyn)

  7. haha! ^^ is he not buddy? ^^